Friday, November 12, 2010

Very BAD blogger!!!

Where do I even begin on what all has happened since the last time I blogged in JULY!! Oh my, I can't believe that I haven't blogged in 4 months! Brooklee keeps me a little busy but I wouldn't have it any other way! So sorry to everyone that follows my sweet girl! I promise to try and do better. Let's see, since July we had our 1st birthday celebration, the first fair experience for Brooklee, trick or treating, first trip to the pumpkin patch, and I'm sure many other experiences that I will find in pictures. There are going to be a lot of pictures that are about to be on here so please bear with me and I promise next time it won't be so bad!
Decorations for Brooklee's first birthday celebration!

First birthday cake

She wanted out to play so bad!

C'mon Kale let's go!
So excited to go on her first fair ride!

Cutest cow ever! Boo at the Zoo with the cow and duck~ So fun!

Cutest little duck ever!
Duck meets cow

Silly duck rolling around.

Brooklee and daddy at her first trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

She loved riding with Chuck E!

Little duck heading to trick or treat

Brooklee with her Aunt Mermie

My sweet family!

Brooklee with her Nana Darlin and Pappy!

Playdate with Olivia at the park. Brooklee loves the park!

Can I get out now please?

Miss Olivia so sweet!
Brooklee roaming around looking for the ducks.

Pumpkin patch. Look at all those pumpkins!!!

I want this one please!
Can't pick it up so I'll sit on it.
Sweet cousins!

Pumpkins after we carved them all.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Picnic, playdate at the park and can it be we're - WALKING?!!!

Britt and I took Brooklee to the Reservoir for a picnic and to feed the ducks the other day. Brooklee just loves being outside!! She is starting to get pretty brave and let go of what she was holding onto and stand alone!! We are so proud of her and so amazed at the milestones she has achieved and the ones she is still working on. She is standing alone with her snack cup! This girl loves her some food!!

Brooklee loved feeding the ducks! She would just talk and laugh at them as they qaucked and ran after the food. This is exactly how she was looking at them the whole time!!!

When we got home Brooklee and Britt went for a bike ride and Desi and I walked beside them. She is such a happy little thing!! She was having so much fun riding with her daddy! One thing that you can't see in these pictures is that her legs are just a kicking!! Her legs do not stop moving when she is having fun. Love that sweet smile!!!

Just playing in the backyard for a minute before bath time. Just had to share this funny smile she gave me!

Britt went to mow the front yard while Brooklee and I went in and got her ready for bath time and bed. After her bath I opened the window so that she could see Britt mowing the yard and she loved it!! (I think Desi loved it too!) She was clapping on the window and calling out to her Dadadada.

Sweet smile after realizing that I was watching her! Well she realized I was there because I had to tell her to quit pulling on the blinds. Desi was still hanging in there with her!

Wednesday, Brooklee and I met Wendi and Zachary at the park for lunch and some fun! Brooklee got so excited to see Zachary! She loves other kids and starts to kicking and laughing when some kiddo comes up to play with her. Wendi and I were just a talking and looked up and Zachary had climbed up this thing like it was just a few steps!

Wendi and Brooklee!! She was of course smiling so big and kicking her legs!

She had so much fun playing at the park!!

Having so much fun swinging with the kiddos!!!!

We had to take a quick snack and juice break and Zachary was so sweet to Brooklee!! He made sure she had her snacks (even the ones she dropped :) and kept giving her hugs!! Love him!

Okay so big accomplishment!! Can it be??? Can my sweet little baby really be trying to WALK?!!So, Brooklee has been attempting to stand alone and has thought about taking one or so steps for a couple of days but would always just sit herself down once she realized she wasn't holding on to anything. Tonight, July 9th, she actually started taking a few steps!!!!! I am so proud of my little girl and am so glad that I got it on camera! Here is a short video of her walking to get her Lucy doll!! She was pretty tired as it was getting close to bedtime but she did really good and walked to get Lucy and then stood there for a few minutes after and hugged on Lucy! She loves her some Lucy and Mommy and Daddy love some Brooklee!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer fun!

For Father's day, Brooklee and I got Britt a bike and carrier so that she could ride with him. We finally were able to get the carrier on the bike and take it for a little spin. The first helmet that I got her was a little big, so we only rode in the back yard. We did get her a smaller one later, so we will take it out somewhere other than the back yard soon! Brooklee really liked riding!! She would smile and kick her legs as they rode around. I would get a wave from her every now and then as she passed me. I am just so thankful that Britt and I are able to experience all of the excitement as she tries something new!! Here is Brooklee trying out the new helmet and getting ready to ride!

She is just a smiling! Even though the helmet fell over her eyes. She didn't care, she was having a good time!!

Brooklee's favorite thing is to play with my wallet and chew on the arm strap that comes out of it. This past Saturday Mem, Zach and I met Nana Darlin in Madison to spend the day and Brooklee was getting a little fussy because she was pretty tired. (This kiddo thinks that she is going to miss something, so she lets herself get pretty tired before giving up!) Mem was trying to figure out what would help her calm down and I said well give her my wallet she usually will play with it.... The next thing I new Mem was taking the next two pictures! She fell asleep holding onto the wallet and she still had the strap in her mouth! She is so silly!!

She looks like she is sleeping pretty good now, huh?! She knows what she likes!

Britt and I took Brooklee to a Mississippi Braves game Sunday afternoon and Brooklee enjoyed it so much! She would clap anytime the players would do something good! I was feeding Brooklee and she would stop and clap with all of the other fans!
It was pretty warm so Brooklee and Daddy found the porta cool fans that they had out and enjoyed some cool air for a while!

There were plenty of seats around us so Brooklee sat in her very on seat and wouldn't take her eyes off of the game! (And yes that is Lucy in her lap! Lucy likes baseball too!)

Brooklee has been doing so good at crawling and pulling up I figured that walking would be right around the corner. Brooklee and Kale both have a toy that you can sit on and pedal as a car or stand behind and use it to balance while walking. Brooklee has never used hers as a walker (she just played with the toys on the little car) until the other night. We were out enjoying the night at Josh and Kate's house and Brooklee pulled up on Kale's little walker toy and started walking!!! She never ceases to amaze me!! She is also trying to stand on her on. I did get a short video of her walking behind the toy. Sorry that it is a little shaky, I was trying to watch her and record it all at the same time. I hope you enjoy!!